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In hour two of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob and Ronnie are joined by Aaron Torres of Fox Sports! They talk Duke vs North Carolina and the nail bitter win. They take a look around the country and which teams are currently standing out the most. Tom Hart of the SEC Network joins the show! There’s also Ask Us and more!



Aaron Torres of Fox Sports joins the show! He talks about LSU’s loss to Auburn and what he thought of the gameplay. He also talks the positive take aways from the loss.  Looking around the league, who is the best as of right now? He talks about the status of other teams right now. Who’s doing better than expected and who’s disappointing? Which two teams can play with anyone and have consistent gameplay over the past couple of years? And more!


TOM HART (:20)

Tom Hart of the SEC Network joins the show! He talks the XFL and their opening weekend. He goes through the positive points from this weekend and what worked really well and what he looks for the leauge to improve on. What elements does Tom think the NFL might adopt from the XFL and apply to NFL games. Switiching to college hoops, he talks about the top four teams in the SEC and where he thinks LSU will fit into it. What is he expecting from LSU vs Missouri? And more!