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In hour two of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob and Hunt talk top tier quarterbacks that will be in free agency and all the movement they expect to see. Looking at Taysom Hill, he wants to be a quarterback in the league and thinks he can be a franchise quarterback. What do the Saints do? Do they try and make sure he stays on the roster or do they look at parting ways? Hunt’s not gonna be in Alex Box Stadium for opening night…..he’s going to a concert instead. After that shocker, he previews what to expect from this weekend. Legendary LSU Baseball coach, Skip Bertman, joins the show! There’s Ask Us and more!



Legendary LSU Baseball coach, Skip Bertman, joins the show! He talks about the pitching this season and he thoughts on the pitching staff. He breaksdown the pitchers the team has and just  how deep the team is. He also mentions how on this team, there’s four players whose fathers played for him. He talks Mo Hampton and his transition from football to baseball. Skip also talks about what it’s like to coach the players that are use to playing on a high school level and come to the college level. And more!