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In hour two of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob and Ronnie are joined by head LSU softball coach, Beth Torina! Is anyone surpised that Ronnie does George Michael karaoke? Moving on, they talk the Astros “apology” and more players now coming out and speaking out against the Astros and thinking they should recieve more punishment.  What does the future look like for the Astros? Aaron Torres of Fox Sports joins the show! There’s Ask Us and more!



Head softball coach, Beth Torina, joins the show! She talks about playing a home and home with the Ragin’ Cajuns. She talks about how it was not only a fun but was a useful experience for the players. She also talks about how the schedule so far is helping the team getting ready for the post-season. What has she learned so far from the first nine games of the season? She talks about the upcoming matchups and more!



Aaron Torres of Fox Sports joins the show! He talks about Ronnie’s karaoke song choices and George Michael’s “Carless Whisper”. Moving on…they talk LSU Hoops and the loss to Alabama. Now the Tigers have to look ahead and get ready for Kentucky at home. He then talks past Kentucky and some of the tough games they have coming up. He talks the other teams in the SEC right now and what the post-season could possibly look like as of right now. What team seems to be the complete team this year? And more!