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In hour two of Hangin’ with Hester, Troy and Austin are joined by Dr. Stephen Etheredge of BROC. Former LSU pitcher, Buzzy Haydel, joins the show! Shea Dixon of 247 Sports joins the show! There’s also Ask Us and more!



Dr. Stephen Etheredge of BROC joins the show! With LSU Baseball season now under way, he talks about the importance of proper arm care. LSU has had a history with arm issues, so what must they do to prevent these issues? Doc also talks about how this even goes all the way to little league baseball and how they’re seeing more injuries in kids due to playing year round. What does he recommend for players as they grow? And more!


Buzzy Haydel (:11)

Former LSU pitcher, Buzzy Haydel, joins the show! He was on the call last night for LSU vs Southern and he gives his thoughts on the win. What’s his thoughts on the pitching staff so far this season? He talks about how they have to keep up the consistency of their pitching now throughout the season. He also gives his thoughts on Jaden Hill! Austin still hasn’t paid up on his bet and more!



Shea Dixon of 247 Sports joins the show! They talk the latest recruit to get an offer from LSU. Who are the biggest names that are still out there that could still be added to this class? He talks about how he’s also keep a close eye on the transfer portal. More players enter every day and there’s still a chance for LSU to take some names from there. He also talks about the fact that LSU is getting a lot of Louisiana talent, especially at the wide reciever position. And more!