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In hour two of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob and Ronnie are joined by Katherine Terrell to talk Saints. They then talk more about LSU Basketball and their seeding chances. Looking at the NFL Combine, they talk about which atheletes can benefit the most. There’s more talk about Ronnie’s hairy back, Ask Us, and more!



Katherine Terrell of The Athletic joins the show! She talks about Drew Brees’ decision to come back for another season. Looking at Taysom Hill, what are possible plans for him and the Saints? Does he remain a back up or does he stay the Swiss army knife he is? Kat also breaks down what she expects the Saints to do in the draft, whether it’s moving up or just staying where they’re at. She also talks about what positions she expects the Saints to pull. Does she think Joe Burrow have leverage and possibly not play for the Bengals? And more!