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In hour two of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob and Ronnie talk Tony Romo’s new deal with CBS to call games for a $17 million per season. The back up plan was Peyton Manning. Moving back to the NFL Combine, they continue talking about the Tigers performance. Ronnie talks about “his combine”. Going back to the current LSU players, they talk some of the injuries that these players have dealt with and their ability to play through some of their injuries. Ronnie talks the five freshman that he can think of that had an outstanding season as a freshman in baseball. Jacob and the Huddle bring up more names to run by Ronnie. Aaron Torres of Fox Sports joins the show! There’s also Ask Us and more!



Aaron Torres of Fox Sports joins the show! He talks LSU’s win over Texas A&M and how that is a solid win even if it might not be the biggest win. He talks about Selection Sunday and what normally goes into seeding. Where does he think LSU will end up? Looking around the country, Aaron talks about other teams and their chances in the NCAA tournament. He talks some scenarios for seed placement involving LSU. Who does he think the top team in the country currently is? And more!