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In hour two of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob and Hunt are joined by Ken Trahan to talk Pelicans and Saints! Jacob reads some more Huntisms. After reading those hilarious comments, they talk MLB putting a mic on players during spring training so that they can talk the booth throughout the game. Some people want it for every game in the regular season too, but how does that work? Is it the players that are in the game or is it a player that’s in the dugout? Connor Rogers of the Bleacher Report joins the show! There’s also Ask Us and more!



Ken Trahan of Crescent City Sports joins the show! He talks the Pelicans and how well the chemistry is working for the team. Zion Williamson’s return has aided that. Even though the team is doing well together, what is it missing? Turning to football, if the Saints are looking for one position in the first round, what are they looking for? Jacob talks about how he’d like to see some LSU players go over to the Saints as well. Would Ken be shocked if the Saints went for a quarterback? And more!



Connor Rogers of the Bleacher Report joins the show! He talks the NFL Combine and out of all the former Tigers that went out, Justin Jefferson might have helped himself the most at the Combine. Did it surpise Connor that there were so many questions about Justin’s speed leading up to the Combine? Looking at Clyde Edwards-Helaire, how did Connor think he did and what impressed him the most from his performance? Grant Delpit battled injuries for most of his college career so what does that look like for his NFL career? Connor talks about what the teams want to get out of Grant and what Pro Day might have in store for him. Talking Krisitan Fulton, is he a first round guy? They also talk Stephen Sullivan and while he might not have had as much tape on him, did the Combine help him get noticed? K’Lavon Chassion could be a very big game changer for a team. Towards regular season he started getting heat and it’s more than likely going to allow him to be a first round pick. Is there anyway that Joe Burrow doesn’t end up being the first round pick and go to the Bengals? And more!