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In hour two of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob is joined by Kelvin Sheppard, the new Director of Player Development. Hunt guesses the rankings that Stewart Mandel put for his top 25 college football coaches. Then, the man himself, Stewart Mandel, joins the show to talk his list! There’s also Ask Us and more!



Kelvin Sheppard, the new Director of Player Development, joins the show! He talks about how important it is for him as former player to be around these players now during their development. For those athletes, it’s being coached and guided by someone who was once in their shoes and once went through the struggles that they might be going through now. Kelvin talks about being a team guy and how important it was for him when he was playing to have older players that he could lean on for guidance. He also mentions what it was like to be an out of state athelte and how it now feels like he’s coming home to Baton Rouge. His goal in this position is to get all these players to their end goal whether that’s the NFL or not. He talks about transitioning from being a player under Bo Pelini to now being a coworker with him. When was the moment that Kelvin knew he wanted to be a coach? And more!



Steward Madnel of The Athletic joins the show! He recently ranked the top 25 coaches in college football. Jacob is very happy about the fact that Coach O is #3. What were the factors that lead to his rankings? He talks about how Coach O managed to finish the season all the way to National Championship. Jimbo Fisher is not on the list, why? They also talk about Georgia and if the window is starting to close for Kirby Smart to win a National Championship? They talk Pac 12 fans and the trends of where the Pac 12 compares to conferences like the SEC. They talk Mike each at Mississippi State and Lane Kiffin at Ole Miss. And more!