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In hour two of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob, Hunt, and Dan are joined by Aaron Torres of Fox Sports! There’s plenty of Huntisms. They talk LSU Hoops heading into the SEC Tournament. Update in LSU Football, Bennie Logan has now been added to football staff as an analysit.  Jacob talks about how much he loves former players coming back to work around the current team. There’s Ask Us and more!



Aaron Torres of Fox Sports joins the show! They talk college basektball and what it looks like around the country with tournaments beginning and the NCAA Tournament being right around the corner. They talk Dayton being a quiet force heading into the NCAA Tournament. Aaron talks about even looking at seeding, there won’t be major gaps between the teams. There’s only a few excpetions and every match up will be a tough one. He talks the situation over at Kentucky and Ashton Hagans. They talk Skylar Mays and Aaron’s opinion on him as a player. Who does he think will the SEC Tournament? And more!