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In hour two of Hangin’ with Hester, Jacob and Austin continue the show as Matt has to leave. They decide to talk LSU Baseball and Bain breaks down the growth of this team so far. He talks the things the team must continue to do in order to win games. He talks the improvement of players but also what are the biggest questions that are still left unanswered. The newest member of the College Football Hall of Fame, Glen Dorsey, joins the show! The SEC Basketball Tournament starts tonight and Austin gives his thoughts on tournaments like this. They look at the possible opponents LSU might face. There’s also Ask Us and more!



The newest member of the College Football Hall of Fame, Glenn Dorsey, joins the show! He talks what is was like to find out about getting inducted. Glenn has recieved many awards through out his career, but is this just a little bit different for him knowing some of the other names that are already a part of the Hall of Fame. Looking at his time at LSU, he talks the entire group he played with and they fed off each other’s energy. Talking Bo Pelini, what was his reaction to the return of the defensive coordinator? Jacob wants to start the campagin of retiring Glenn’s number and jersey. He talks his love for LSU and how it hasn’t changed one bit. He’s loud and proud. Many former Tigers are coming back to work with the current team in coaching positions and analysts positions, what does he think about that? Austin tries to embarass Jacob and fails. Has he gotten over his fear of flying? And more!