Hour 2 | We reminisce about Chris Jackson with Vernel Singleton and Wayne Sims

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Jordy and T-Bob continued to discuss the problems with LSU Academic fundraising. The issue with the new LSU Football Operations building isn’t about athletics, it’s about fundraising in other areas.

The whole team discussed which item from their home they would marry if they could marry an inanimate item.

Also, they answered all of your OTB Mailbag segment.

As LSU plans to retire Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf’s jersey, Wayne Sims joined Off the Bench to discuss playing with Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (Chris Jackson) and what seperated him from the rest of the pack.

Former LSU Basketball star Vernel Singleton talked to Jordy and T-Bob about his favorite moments with Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (Chris Jackson). Singleton talked about how Abdul-Rauf was like lightening in a bottle and how growing up in Mississippi with him, you couldn’t believe the stories. Also, Singleton talked about his famous Mickey Mouse bandaid.

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