It’s Not About Magic

It’s not about magic, it’s about coaching, and LSU finally has the advantage.

Did you see the game last year? The refs ACTUALLY HAD to save Nick Saban. He was outcoached for the first time in a while in this series. An inadvertent whistle prevented the referees from looking on instant replay as Duke Riley picked up a fumble, and ran for a 90+ yard TD; that would have given LSU a 7-0 lead, at home, on a night the Alabama offense could do nothing.

Later, in a 0-0 game on 3rd and 9, the refs had to SAVE the Crimson Tide staff, who were getting OUTCOACHED, when there was a hold that would at the least put them at the edge of field goal range with a shaky kicker in a frenzied stadium. Hurts scored a touchdown, but would have been sacked, and maybe fumbled without the hold.

Alabama would go on to win, and the Alabama fans will never admit the refs helped them, but Saban knows inside that Ed O, and his staff outcoached him, and his staff all night, and deserved the win.

It is what it is. I am getting to the game on November 4th. There is no magic hold Alabama has on LSU it has been coaching, pure and simple. Nick knows it ended last year, and so do the LSU players, they are pumped. Listen to them, they are jacked up.

This is the team that Alabama can’t intimidate. This is the team that doesn’t roll over the way Tennessee did for them last week. Oh no, THIS IS LSU! They believe, and know they can play with Alabama.

Who has Alabama really played this year?

Let’s see: 2-4 Florida State(WOW), 3-4 Ole Miss, 2-5 Arkansas, 3-4 Vandy, 3-4 Tenn., Colorado State, Fresno State, and the game against Texas A&M they struggled to put away, and only won by 8. Not looking like the best schedule. How good are they? The DL has struggled against this schedule to produce sacks, only one DL has more than 2 sacks on the season against that poor schedule. DL R. Lewis, LSU will have a healthy Offensive line for the first time all year. How do we know they can’t get it done? Alabama is having to blitz LB, S, and CB’s all season leaving spaces for short to medium passes. I expect Canada to be ready. I expect shotgun rollouts, runs from the gun, jet sweeps, kitchen sinks, and Touchdowns. This Alabama defense is not last year’s. The LB depth is thin, and playing injured. Fitzpatrick, the best in secondary, is having to blitz leaving coverage duties to younger guys.

Let’s go to offense of Alabama. Etling leads Hurts in ALL major passing categories. Hurts is a runner. Hurts struggles to complete passes greater than 15 yards, and everyone knows it. Aranda knows it. LSU has a healthy starting Defensive line for the FIRST time this year. Lawrence, and Gilmore, and LeCouture will stuff running lanes while White will clean up, and may cause a turnover. LSU may have the best secondary in the country, and Battle will be back, and he is the run stuffing safety needed for Alabama. Delpit is great against the pass, but it will be Battle as the key in this one. He will fly to screens.

Special teams. LSU needs work on kickoff coverage. This is my only area of concern. I am confident. LSU has found a kicker with Culp slamming FG’s now. Punts aren’t being returned. Gage is a monster on special teams.

LSU has the edge on the coaching staff. I may be the only person saying it now, but on November 5th you are gonna hear it more. Canada will earn his money now.

I predict Alabama won’t score on offense. LSU 17-3.


– Knife’s Edge by @LSUDan6