Jack Marucci explains the amazing innovative technology within the LSU locker rooms

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LSU Athletic Trainer, Jack Marucci, came on to talk about LSU’s new Football Ops. Marucci said a writer from the New York Times came by to do a story on it.

“We  felt that this was going to change the way people look at locker,” said Marucci. “It’s a little overwhelming.”

How did he come up with it. He got the idea from going to MLB Spring Training facilities and seeing how sleep was important to athletic recovery.

“There was a purpose behind every little piece,” said Marucci. “It’s all player driven.”

Marucci talked about the nutrition center and partnered up with Coca-Cola and Power Aid to come up with the idea’s for water-fountains based on the players individual profile.

Marucci also explained the new helmet technology. It helps look at wide receivers head rotations and ball reactions and pass rushers reaction time in curtain positions. It also helps read core temperature and concussion awareness.

“Coach O has been the most innovated and progressive with these things,’ said Marucci.

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