Jake Madison on the New Orleans Pelicans remaning schedule

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Jake Madison of the Locked on Pels podcast talked about the Pelicans returning from the All-Star break.

“It’s a team that’s going to be competing until the very end of the regular season,” Madison said. “The Pelicans have the easiest schedule remaining of any team in the NBA, there’s a chacne for them to go 10-2 in that stretch.”

What has been the problem with the Pelicans winning at home this year?

“They’ve been playing 600 ball since January,” Madison said. “I don’t know if they’re just bad at home and ok on the road, I think they’re just finally healthy.”

A lot of people questioned how Derrick Favoris and Zion Williamson would work together. How have they complemented each other?

“Zion is such a special player that we’ve almost never seen in the NBA,” Madison said. “He actually does better when he’s paired with Derrick Favors than Nicolò Melli.”

Seems like Brandon Ingram should be fully ready to go as they take on Portland. How will they maximize him on the court?

“He’s struggled at times to mesh with Zion,” Madison said. “The spacing hasn’t quite been there.”

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