Jay Bilas doesn’t think depth is an issue for LSU Basketball

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ESPN College Basketball Analyst Jay Bilas joined Jordy and T-Bob to talk LSU vs Kentucky. What is the feeling around the LSU program?

“They’ve got a good team, they’ve got really dynamic playmakers in the backcourt,” Bilas said. “They’re still trying to search for the right defensive mindset.”

People have been saying depth could be one of LSU’s main deficiencies, but Bilas isn’t sold on that.

“I don’t think depth is that big of an issue in college basketball,” Bilas said. “Even if they lose a game here or there, you’re not disqualified, this isn’t football.”

What makes LSU a potentially strong tournament team?

“They can score and they consistently get to the free throw line” Bilas said.

This LSU team really excels at the “six minute game.” What does he think about Wade’s philosphy?

“Most coaches emphasize the end of the game, that’s when teams are in foul trouble and that’s when teams are tired,” Bilas said.

Finally, Bilas talked about his impression of the NCAA’s appearance in front of congress.

“I thought the NCAA representatives made fools of themselves on Capitol Hill,” Bilas said.

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