Jay Ducote’s weekly tailgate segment

Weekdays 3PM - 6PM

Celebrity chef and Talk 107.3 host Jay Ducote joins Matt for the weekly tailgate segment. What does Jay have for us for the Game of the Century part 2?

“We are playing Alabama so I brought a bunch of chicken wings,” Ducote said. “Not to say Alabama is chicken or anything. I also brought some Alabama style white barbeque sauce.”

Is there a place where we can buy this barbecue sauce?

“I don’t know if you can buy it around here,” Ducote said. “I might do a Jay Ducote white barbeque sauce.”

As Matt digs in, Ducote talks how barbeque is the only thing good to eat in Alabama.

“This is Alabama barbeque at it’s finest,” Ducote said. “Other than this barbeque Alabama doesn’t have a great culinary scene.”

Ducote likes the Tigers 31-30 to topple the Tide.

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