Jim Nagy thinks their a lot of cool intangibles about Joe Burrow

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Executive Director for the Reese’s Senior Bowl Jim Nagy joined Jordy and T-Bob at SEC Media Days.

He recapped his first year working with the Senior Bowl. They were really proud to have so many great college seniors playing last year.

“We had double digit first rounders, which is the first time since 2011,” Nagy said.

Also, Nagy talked about relationship building with the coaches. He found four coaches who were let go after last year’s draft and used them as scouts for boots on the ground relationship building with players.

“The agents can really control a part of this, too,” Nagy said about getting players to the game.

Furthermore, he shocked Jordy and T-Bob by admitting he’s never used social media until this job. After joining the organziation, he realized he would have to use it and it’s become a great recruiting tool.

Finally, what does he think of LSU’s signal caller Joe Burrow?

“He’s a throwback dude, a guy’s guy, a coaches kid,” Nagy said. “There’s a lot of cool intangibles about him.”

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