Jimmy Burrow on Joe Burrow heading to the NFL

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Father of Joe Burrow, Jimmy Burrow, joined Jordy and T-Bob in the second hour to discuss his son’s experience heading into the NFL draft.

“All the hooplah of the Super Bowl probably wasn’t something he was that fired up about,” Burrow said. “But when we started talking to some of our marketing people and found out he was going to get paid to go to he was fired up.”

What’s his point of view of this part of the process?

“It’s his first time to really start preparing for the draft, and the combine, and for his senior day,” Burrow said. “It’s more about making sure you’re working on your technique and watching film for the NFL.”

What kind of training will he get for meeting with teams?

“He’ll have people there that are familiar with the type of questions you’ll get in your interview, and they’ll prep him like you would for a job interview,” Burrow said.

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