Jimmy Burrow Talks Joe’s Ground-Breaking Performance

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Jimmy Burrow makes his weekly stop on Off the Bench to talk about his experience at the Alabama game and more.

“It was unbelievable to be there, as a dad, as a fan, as a former coach,” Burrow said.

His emotions were running high before the game, Burrow said.

“You start getting a little nervous energy,” Burrow said. “Once the kickoff happens, you kind of get back to normal. Leading up to the game is… the worst part for me.”

The team’s arrival to the airport was special, and he enjoys the video of Joe running down and giving high-fives through the airport fence, Burrow said.

“That’s a special time,” Burrow said. “That’s the good thing about social media, we’ll have that video for the rest of our lives.”

LSU’s defensive performance was key to the team’s Bryant-Denny-record 46 visitor points, Burrow said.

“They made a lot of plays that really allowed the offense to get back on the field, allowed the offense to get more opportunities,” Burrow said. “They did a good job. They made enough big plays to really be a factor.”

His son’s Heisman Trophy odds are a topic he doesn’t like to focus on, Burrow said.

“I don’t like to think about that,” Burrow said. “To be in that position is a little overwhelming to our family. It’s a credit to that whole team and the offense and the coaches. There’s a lot of people that have gone into (getting) Joe into that position.”

Regarding his son’s potential to play in the NFL with an Ohio team, Burrow said he would rather not focus on it,

“I see it all, and you hear it back in Ohio,” Burrow said. “I really never talk to Joe about that, and I think, truly, it’s one of the last things on his mind. You just have to keep playing, if you’re Joe, and let the chips fall where they may.”

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