Jimmy Burrow Talks Joe’s Last Game in Death Valley

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Jimmy Burrow joins Off the Bench to talk about Joe’s last game in Tiger Stadium and more.

“It’s just been such a big part of our lives for the last two years,” Burrow said. “It’s going to be a special night for us. There’s probably going to be some tears shed, that’s for sure.”

Joe’s maturation as Tiger quarterback has been a process, Burrow said.

“It does take a while,” Burrow said. “That Georgia game and that Auburn game, that’s part of growing up as an offense.”

The Texas game was a turning point in this season, Burrow said.

“People probably still questioned our football team,” Burrow said. “That particular game, that particular moment is what we’ll remember up to this point.”

Last year’s Texas A&M game was tough, as Burrow was sitting in the end zone for the 74-72 classic.

“(It was) one of the most enjoyable games,” Burrow said, “but one of the most frustrating and disappointing games… that either myself or Joe were a part of.”

The Tigers likely have circled this game on their calendar, Burrow said.

“I’m sure, in the back of their minds, this game has creeped into their minds in the course of the offseason and… last couple of weeks.”

Burrow’s message to Tiger fans is one of gratitude.

“We will always love LSU,” Burrow said. “The fans have been unbelievable to Joe… everybody in our family will always appreciate how we have been treated. We’re going to miss it, and it’s going to be emotional, but the memories will always be there for us.”

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