Jimmy Burrow Talks Joe’s Senior Night, Coach O

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Jimmy Burrow joins the show to talk about his son’s senior night and upcoming SEC Championship.

“We knew (senior night) was going to be emotional for Joe and us as a family,” Burrow said, “but it was way more than we even anticipated. It’s really unbelievable.”

Joe’s “Burreaux” jersey was a planned tribute, Burrow said.

“We had actually talked about it a little,” Burrow said. “It was a special tribute to the people of Louisiana. It’s going up everywhere… just another example of another special night.”

The Tiger defense has showed up recently, Burrow said.

“When that group’s healthy, then you can be more aggressive,” Burrow said. “If you’re not playing at 100%… you just can’t play with 100% confidence, and Coach Aranda has to limit some of the things he does if you’re not healthy. They were ready to play at a high level.”

Burrow gave his response to Coach O’s comments earlier in the show about their relationship.

“You kind of get emotional,” Burrow said, “because that is the guy that we placed our trust in to take care of Joe… and make sure things were going as we hoped. To hear that is another example of a special relationship that we have… (and) why Joe chose LSU. We’ll be life-long Coach Orgeron fans for sure.”

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