Jimmy Burrow Talks Son’s Heisman Season

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Coach Jimmy Burrow joins the show to talk about his son’s legendary year, starting with how defenses can try and defend LSU’s offense.

“You just kind of give them new wrinkles and new schemes,” Burrow said. “It can work really both ways. I think it’s quite a compliment to have guys like Coach (Nick) Saban defend LSU… so far, LSU’s had an answer for everybody.”

Even though the Tigers run a spread offense, Burrow said that the run game has not suffered.

“They’re still physical up front,” Burrow said. “That’s a great combination.”

LSU was not a lock to get the top spot in the polls back, Burrow said.

“I wasn’t that optimistic, to tell you the truth,” Burrow said. “They don’t care who they play. Oklahoma is not a lock like some people think. The quarterback gives them another option (on offense).”

The shot of himself and his wife, Robin, kissing on TV Saturday made the rounds to him many times, Burrow said.

“I saw it about a million times,” Burrow said. “I’ve always had a reputation as an old-school, hard-nosed defensive coach… it’s just part of the raw emotion of watching Joe. I never know when the cameras are on us.”

The Heisman Trophy ceremony will be a special experience, Burrow said.

“It finally hits you because you heard all the speculation,” Burrow said, “It’s special. To see Joe get an opportunity to go there and possibly win it is huge… for Joe.”

One stat was important for Joe to improve in this season, Burrow said.

“Accuracy has always been a huge part of his success,” Burrow said. “He looked at ways, in his mind, to fix it. The schemes all added up to having options to throw it. There (were) a lot of outlets there to improve that.”

Having a statue on LSU’s campus is a proud thought, Burrow said.

“It’s a lot of hard work that’s gone into it for Joe,” Burrow said. “You’re just so proud of what he’s accomplished. He learned a lot (at Ohio State)… then, to choose a place he had really no knowledge of… it’s what you dream of as a parent, that your son or daughter has the success to get to the top of the mountain.”

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