Jimmy Burrow Talks Tiger Football

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Coach Jimmy Burrow joins OTB to talk football, starting with his son’s latest performance against Ole Miss Saturday night.

“He was disappointed in the interceptions,” “That’s a big part of what he tries to avoid, is turnovers and mistakes like that. When your offense gets as many yards as they did… you’ve got to look at the positives.”

The offense’s heightened expectations are hard to fully satisfy, Burrow said.

“In his mind, and in the offense’s mind, they really think they should score every series,” Burrow said, “and if they don’t, they’re disappointed. They’re confident enough now that that’s their goal.”

Last Saturday at Ole Miss, Burrow and his clan all got together to celebrate the season so far.

“We had a Burrow tailgate,” Burrow said. “It was a lot of relatives, family at our tailgate. It was basically a perfect day for us to share Joe’s journey with friends and family.”

The Rebel offense is hard to contain, Burrow said.

“They have some explosive players,” Burrow said. “It’s hard to defend. We’d all like to get shut-outs…  (but) it’s never going to be easy. They are a challenge for any defense.”

The late hit laid on Joe on Saturday was not a welcome sight, Burrow said.

“His mom and I don’t like to see that,” Burrow said. “As a parent, you’re concerned, but those things are going to happen in the course of an SEC football game.”

Burrow said he did see the Cincinnati Bengals fans’ painted bags over their head, but it is not time to think about those things yet.

“I actually did see that,” Burrow said. “But that’s down the road. We can’t worry about (that) right now.”

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