Jimmy Burrow thinks expectations for his son Joe Burrow and LSU are high

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Coach Jimmy Burrow joined Off the Bench to talk about his Senior QB son Joe Burrow.

He discussed retiring to watch his son finish his college career at LSU.

“We’re trying to go to every game, I’m not used to that,” Burrow said. “It’s a fun thing.”

Also, Burrow discussed the comfort level of his son in his second year at LSU.

“It’s so different than this time last year. He’s always been a confident person. But if you think back he hadn’t proven that he could play major college football. Once he was accepted by his teammates and he started seeing succes, his confidence grew. Now, he loves his teammates and his coaches and Coach O. It all adds up to him being comfortable in the situation he’s in now.”

What’s it like as a father hearing sports pundits talk so positively about your son?

“It does make me a little nervous because the expectations are so high, not just for Joe, but of the whole LSU Football team,” Burrow said.

Finally, what are Joe Burrows thoughts on Joe Brady?

“Joe (Burrow) is excited about the relationship between Joe (Brady) and Ensminger. He marvels at the way they work together,” Burrow said.

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