Jimmy Dykes talks College Basketball, his new book

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ESPN’s Jimmy Dykes joins Matt is segment two to talk college basketball now that we are officially into March. It has been a wild and crazy year in college basketball. Dykes tries to put it into perspective.”

“This year feels different to me than anyother in 20 years,” Dykes said. “There’s 15 teams that could win it, and 20 or 30 who could get to the Final Four. There hasn’t been a lot of separation.”

Dykes has been on the call for a couple LSU games this season. What has he made of the Tigers season and program to this point as a whole?

“They are on really solid ground in terms of what’s on the floor right now,” Dykes said. “What I like about LSU is I like them offensively a lot. I like how they get on the glass. What I do not like about LSU is their defense.”

Dykes talks his new book “The Film Doesn’t Lie.”

LSU travels to Bud Walton Arena to face

“Arkansas is in a must win situation to keep their tournament hopes alive,” “If you’re LSU you can’t let Mason Jones and Isaiah Joe get going because they can both go for 20 on you.”

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