Joe Burrow talks about his incredible National Championship run

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Heisman winner and former Tiger Joe Burrow joined Jordy and T-Bob to talk about his post-season life. Plus, what does Derek Ponamsky really do for LSU Football?

“(Derek) Ponamsky just gets things done when they need to be done and he’s really really good at his job,” Burrow said.

He hasn’t been at LSU long but it seems like forever. What has the last two years been like for him as a player?

“It’s been two separate sections for me. You had last year and the offseason leading up to it and you had the whirlwind first year when I was just trying to learn to live in Louisiana. The next offseason was a bunch of fun because we knew what kind of team we would have.”

Burrow was given a lot more freedom and control than most college players. How was the trust gained?

“That was earned during year one, it doesn’t just start that way,” Burrow said. “It’s not usually like that everywhere no matter what player you have at quarterback, so that made me feel good.”

Hearing about Burrow’s workload has been insane. Where does his motivation come from?

“Motivation to win a National Championship is a little different than just getting up on a Tuesday morning. When you have that goal at the end of the tunnel, it’s pretty easy. The older guys on the team taught that to the younger guys and I think they’ll continue that tradition.”

He faced some tough criticism from people like Jordan Rodgers and Colin Cowherd. Is he aware of all the talk surrounding him?

“Of course I hear it,” Burrow said. “It’s those people’s job to have an opinion about you every year.”

He noticeably left out Clyde Edwards-Helaire in his Heisman speech and immediately apologized for it in the post-interview. He discussed Edwards-Helaire, who he considered his best friend on the team.

“We were kind of a calming presence for each other in the backfield. Every once in a while we would just throw jokes out at each other in the middle of a play.”

His Senior Day was incredibly special, including a custom made jersey with “Burreaux” on the back. What made him decide to have the jersey made?

It was super special for me and I didn’t think it was going to be crazy like it was, but with the jersey that I did…it was just my way of saying thank you to LSU, Louisiana, all the people involved.”

Finally, he talked about preparing for the NFL draft during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Let’s just say it isn’t how I imagined my pre-draft training,” Burrow said. “I’m living with my parents like when I was in high school.”

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