Joe Burrow talks off season and previews his senior campaign.

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Jordy sat down with Joe Burrow, LSU Quarterback to catch up on the off season and look ahead to this upcoming season.

On this upcoming season, “There’s obviously high expectations for us,” Burrow said. “Our expectations inside the program are probably higher than anyone’s.”

Does it feel like it’s his team, “I feel like it’s our team,” Burrow said. “We have a lot of leaders and we all work together.”

On Joe Brady, “Whenever you have two guys who love the game of football, you are going to bond,” Burrow said. “I think it will look a little different…we are very excited about where we are going.”

On the new offense, “This is what I’m comfotable in…so I haven’t had to change my mindset,” Burrow said.

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