John Brady previews LSU basketball at the SEC Tournament

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John Brady of the LSU Sports Radio Network joined Jordy and T-Bob to talk about LSU basketball heading to the SEC Tournament.

“Our last two games at home have really been quality basketball,” Brady said. “If we can play somewhere close to that, we could win the SEC Tournament.”

Technically, what has Brady seen from the Tiger squad in the last few games?

“I think we were able to get up and down the floor against Georgia,” Brady said. “In fact, we made Georgia look like, to me, I don’t know how they won a game.”

Brady noticed that defense was the issue in LSU’s match-ups with Florida and Arkansas.

“The points allowed in the seven losses were 87 and the points allowed in the three wins were 68, I think it was defensively,” Brady said.

Finally, he discussed LSU’s preperation for the SEC Tournament and how Marlon Taylor will help LSU down the stretch.

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