John Brady previews LSU vs Missouri

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John Brady of the LSU Sports Radio Network joined Jordy and T-Bob in the second hour to preview LSU Basketball’s match-up with Missouri tonight.

LSU suffered a heartbreaking loss at Auburn, following a loss at Vanderbilt. What was his takeaway from last week? He thinks the team was impressive considering the quick turn around and preperation.

“It was a heartbreaker, but I think you have to look at the whole picture of what happened in Nashville,” Brady said. “I think there was some silver lining coming of a loss againt Vanderbilt.”

What type of self-check did Brady go through when he was doubting the way his former teams closed out games?

“The first evaluation I always did was of myself,” Brady said. “You’re not critical of anyone…you sit there and see what went wrong, what mistake we make, what we could have done better.”

Is lack of depth one of LSU’s biggest problems?

“I think it is at time, but at the same time, you look around the league and nobody has depth,” Brady said.

What does Charles Manning provide when he is added back to the team?

“I thought at the time when he got hurt that he was coming along to be a really significant player for LSU,” Brady said.

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