John Brady recaps LSU basketball vs Alabama

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John Brady of the LSU Sports Radio Network joined Jordy and Cody to recap LSU Basketball’s loss to Alabama over the weekend. Coleman Coliseum has been a thorn in the side of LSU’s program and Saturday was no exception.

“They had a really nice crowd,” Brady said. “LSU hasn’t won back-to-back there, ever.”

Darius Days wasn’t able to be on the floor for the Tigers for extended minutes, suffering from foul trouble. How do you coach him to keep him on the floor?

“Some of that is on him, he has to be able to defend without fouling,” Brady said. “Most of his fouls are nitpicky, unneccesary fouls.”

Despite this loss, LSU seems to have a high floor. What has changed over the last few games, especicially rebounding?

“The rebounding stat has got to go in our favor, it seems, over the last few games,” Brady said. “One of the things to negate the LSU scoring is to keep them off the offensive glass.”

Charles Manning Jr. was back on the court for the Tigers last weekend. What will LSU gain from having him back in the swing?

“I was glad to see him have some positive plays in that game,” Brady said. “He is important not only defensively but offensively, too.”

The difference between Kentucky and Alabama is that they won’t shoot 40 three pointers.

“It’s an important game for both teams, Kentucky needs to come in here to seperate themselves from the rest of the league,” Brady said. “I don’t think Kentucky is going to outscore us.”

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