John Thompson Reminisces, Previews LSU-Bama

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Coach John Thompson joins Off the Bench to talk football, starting with his introduction to current LSU head coach Ed “Bebe” Orgeron.

“We tried to hire Bebe at Northwestern,” Thompson said, “but it was just a little too close to his college days.”

Thompson also talked about his time with T-Bob’s father, the “Cajun Cannon” Bobby Hebert.

“He got those guys lined up,” Thompson said. “The offensive linemen and everybody responded to him.”

Looking forward to tomorrow’s LSU-Bama game, Thompson said the key to success revolves around ball possession.

“For LSU, I really think they’ve got to play a little bit of keep-away,” Thompson said. “They’ve got to really be balanced. They’ve got stallions out there, they’ve got great athletes.”

Limiting the Alabama offense will take fundamental excellence, Thompson said.

“They’re going to get the ball out there to their unbelievable receivers,” Thompson said. “You’ve got to form a net around those guys and compress them. It’s not that scientific, but it’s hard to do (when you’ve) got super humans.”

Thompson had high praise for LSU defensive coordinator Dave Aranda.

“Everybody talks about how cerebral he is,” Thompson said. “I just think he stays in the moment. Schematically, he really attacks protections.”

LSU will come out on top, Thompson said.

“I’m just thinking it’s the time,” Thompson said. “I think (Joe Burrow is) going to be the difference. I think the Tigers are coming in with their chest out, and they’re going to leave the same way.”

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