Jordan Spector talks his Joe Burrow Cigar Painting

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Artist Jordan Spector joins Matt in studio to talk his painting of the most iconic image from LSU’s 2019 National Championship. That image of course is the Joe Burrow cigar photo. First Spector talks how long he’s been into art, and when he turned it into a career.

“My entire life. I always tell people it’s a life long skill that I have built,” Spector said. “When I got hurt playing football and had to quit. I turned artwork into a way to get through that. When I realized that people were willing to pay me for my art that’s when I really got back into it.”

Spector describes his inspiration behind doing the photo and the process of getting the painting done.

“I kind of just dropped everything I was doing, and got it done in a week,” “I’d say ballpark 45-50 hours to paint.”

Spector talks about all the little details he added to the picture, from the Heisman Trophy to an inspirational note. The painting is generating plenty of buzz, and Spector talks how it is being used for a good cause.

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