Jordy Culotta gives a Spring Practice Report

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In hour three of After Further Review, Matt is joined by Off the Bench host, Jordy Culotta for a spring football practice report. Any news on quarterback Peter Parrish, who missed practice for the second time?

“I expect Orgeron to make an announcement here when he talks to the press. There’s just too much smoke,” Culotta said. “I would also expect him to announce that he will no longer be on the team. I don’t have any information. That’s just my feeling.”

How does Myles Brennan look at quarterback two practices in?

“Brennan’s gonna be great. I really do,” Culotta said. “Everything you look for in that position he’s got, and having been in the system and the program for 3 years now. The physical transformation that he has made is a credit to Moffit and his staff.”

When asked about standouts Culotta talks about freshman safety Jordan Toles, and sophomore Devonta Lee and his move to linebacker.

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