Josh Smith talks being quarantined in minor league camp

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Former LSU shortstop Josh Smith now in the Yankees organization is currently in quarantine due to teammates testing positive for coronavirus. What has the experience been like in quarantine?

“So right now, I want to say it was last Friday we were at the field getting in some work,” Smith said. “They called a team meeting to tell us that a player had tested positive. Another player test positive shortly after that. This is day five of quarantine. After 10 days we can go home.”

Smith explains how he and his teammates are trying to stay in shape without free weights.

“It’s something that I’ve never experienced,” Smith said. “There’s actually a lot you can do without weights. We are just trying to have some fun with it.”

What about staying in baseball shape? Is there any baseball work they can do while quarantined?

“That’s actually the tough part. We can’ t do anything right now,” Smith said. “The Yankees facility is shutdown. We were playing some light catch in the front yard, but I probably won’t be able to hit until I get home.”

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