Keith Hornsby talks life and basketball in Poland

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Former LSU guard Keith Hornsby is now playing in Poland. Hornsby joins Matt to talk basketball and life in Poland. What is the hardest part of living in a foriegn country?

“Obviously it could be any country, the hardest thing is the distance between you and your family,” Hornsby said. “Poland specifically there isn’t much I can complain about. Which was a really nice surprise. The hardest thing is going to the grocery store.”

What does Hornsby miss most about home?

“I miss watching LSU Basketball games. I miss watching LSU Football games,” Hornsby said. “Most of the games come around 2 am. That was rough. Not having the football, that’s a lifestyle.”

Hornsby played three seasons in the NBA G League, leading the league in three point percentage in his last season. Why did he leave?

“You know you don’t do the G League for money. You do the G League to try and get a spot in the NBA,” Hornsby said. “After my third year I thought I had done that. If I’m not going to get a call up now, it’s time to try something new.”

Does Hornsby still love basketball?

“I will never stop loving basketball. This year has been a little different. It’s a long long long season,” Hornsby said. “Being out here will test your love of basketball. I’m going into month seven. Even in college and the G League I was playing five month seasons.”

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