Kendall Rogers talks MLB and college baseball during coronavirus pandemic

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Kendall Rogers of joins Matt to talk the latest with college baseball and the MLB with the coronavirus. The Associated Press is reporting that the MLB is considering skipping their draft for this year. What can Rogers tell us about this development?

“It’s going to be really interesting to see what happens on the draft front,” Rogers said. “The draft has to be negotiated on between the MLB and the Player’s Association. I do think the doomsdays option would be canceling it. There’s a lot of things in play here and I think everything is on the table.”

What would skipping the draft mean for college baseball?

“It would mean total pandamonium, but it would be great for college baseball,” Rogers said. “All those guys end up on campus.”

Rogers talks the issues with eligibility surrounding the NCAA. Especially in a sport like baseball that only has 11.7 schorlarships.

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