Kevin Minter talks resigning with Tampa Bay

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Former LSU linebacker, now of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers joins Matt to kickoff hour two of After Further Review. Minter recently resigned with the Bucs in free agency. What was it like going through free agency without being able to meet people in person?

“It was kind of weird, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to physically meet teams or tour the facilities,” Minter said. “I had a pretty good idea though heading into the offseason that I would end up resigning with Tampa.”

Was there any desire to test the waters in free agency and look elsewhere?

“A little bit but at the same time I kind of have a rapport with these coaches,” Minter said. “I like Tampa and expressed that I want to finish my career here.”

How is Minter passing the time while also trying to stay in shape in quarantine?

“I’ve kind of been trying to take it slow. Some closet training, pushups, trying to do some running when it’s not raining,” Minter said. “Just kind of taking it slow. I’ll get to it when I get to it.”

Minter now has a new teammate in Tom Brady. What was his reaction when TB12 signed with the Bucs?

“I hated to see Jameis leave, but to see that Tom is going to come play with us, you dream of playing with a guy like that,” Minter said. “I grew up playing as the guy on the video game. Now I’m going to lace it up next to him. There is a different feeling around the team. It feels like we can actually make a run now if that makes sense.”

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