Kim Mulkey on her 600th win with Baylor Women’s Basketball

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Baylor Women’s Basketball Coach Kim Mulkey joined Jordy and T-Bob to talk about her 600 wins at Baylorin fewer games  than any other Division I men’s or women’s coach.

“I celebrate it with the kids, because it’s about those young folks I’ve gotten to coach at Baylor,” Mulkey said.

What advice does she have for Coach Ed Orgeron on the difficulty of sustaining  a winning program?

“Everybody expects it every year and you’re going to have to feed that monster every year,” Mulkey said. “You realize once you do it, everybody expects it…it’s difficult to win one, but my god, it’s not easy.”

Mulkey has been coaching for 35 years; she discussed her plan for the future.

“I think your health, that either keeps you in the business or makes you retire and I’m very healthy,” Mulkey said. “Two you want to maintain a level of success.”

Former LSU defensive coordinator Dave Aranda is now the Head Coach at Baylor. What is Mulkey’s perception of him?

“I’ve met him once,” Mulkey said. “I thought to myself how does someone that quiet control a locker room and then I saw who all he hired.”

Finally, she answered the age old question: do midweek baseball games matter?

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