Kurt Ainsworth talks the $200 million sale of Marucci Bats

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CEO of Marucci Bats and former LSU pitcher Kurt Ainsworth joins Matt to talk the sale of the company to Compass for $200 million. How long has this been in the works?

“It’s been going on since mid last year. A lot of things have been going well for us, and we were appoarched by a lot of groups,” Ainsworth said. “It worked out well for us. The group we wanted to win ended up doing so in the end.”

What stood out about Compass that made them the most attractive buyer?

“They have a history of working with high end brands,” Ainsworth said. “They took FOX public.”

Is Ainsworth planning on staying CEO, and will the headquarters remain in Baton Rouge?

“My plan is to stay on as CEO. Our team is going to remain the same,” Ainsworth said. “We are planning to buy more buildings on our street, and paint them black.”

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