Larry Holder talks Saints Free Agency

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The Athletic’s Larry Holder joins Matt to talk the latest with New Orleans Saints in free agency. New Orleans restructured Janoris Jenkins’ contract to create more room in the salary cap. What do they do with the extra room?

“I think part of it is they needed to make room for moves that they have made,” Holder said. “I don’t think they made to the room to go back out and make a big splash. Plus who’s left out there?”

Holder gives his overall assessment of the Saints moves so far in free agency.

What has the Saints moves in free agency told us about what they will address in the draft?

“The fact you get Sanders means you aren’t married to getting a wide receiver at 24 in the draft,” Holder said. “It could still happen, but it’s not an absolute neccessity to do so. I’m looking linebacker, and I take Kenneth Murray because I assume Patrick Queen will be off the board.”

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