Larry Holder talks start of NFL League year.

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The Athletic’s Larry Holder joins Matt to talk the news of the day in the NFL. The league year is set to begin on Wednesday, but trades and franchise tags got underway today. What move shocked Holder the most?

“It has to be Houston trading Hopkins,” Holder said.

How real is the interest from the Bears in Teddy Bridgewater?

“I’ve seen that reporting. My colleagues at The Athletic did some research and reporting on it,” Holder said, “There was some smoke there, but it doesn’t look likely that it will happen. There is a market for Teddy though.”

Where does Bridgewater land when it’s all said and done?

“Really, Matt I think it depends on Tom Brady,” Holder said. “I think that Tampa would be a very good spot for him. He’s the anti Jameis. He’s careful with the football, works well with star recievers.”

The Saints resigned David Onyemata today. What is Holder’s reaction to the deal?

“That’s a good signing. It keeps that denfensive line on solid ground,” Holder said. “I’m curious to see the money. If they were able to keep him off the market, they will probably pay some money.”

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