Lee Feinswog talks LSU-Kentucky and Beer

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Host of Sports225 Lee Feinswog joins Matt to talk sports and beer in his normally weekly spot. LSU Basketball has lost three of their last four, and hosts Kentucky tonight. Would Feinswog describe this LSU team as reeling?

“No. It’s hard to play on the road in conference. Just look at that Auburn game,” Feinswog said. “This is a tough one because it’s Kentucky. Both teams are going to the NCAA tournament. This is a seeding game for LSU for sure.”

Feinswog talks legitmate candidates for SEC POY, and says he would ‘absolutely’ vote for Skylar Mays.

“Single most important thing is being at home where LSU is 13-1. Kentucky is longer top to bottom, but LSU is athletic as anyone,” Feinswog said.

Feinswog likes the Tigers to down the Cats at home.

Lee’s beer recommendation for the week is Verreaux by Crying Eagle Brewing Co.

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