Lee Feinswog talks sports and beer.

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Lee Feinswog joins Matt in his weekly spot to talk sports and beer. Nick Saban will be inducted into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame next year. Is Feinswog okay with this?

“Well not really. Halls of Fame as a rule are a business,” Feinswog said. “This one feels like we just have to get a few names up there to sell some tickets.”

Feinswog talks the unveiling of the statue of LSU Baseball legend Skip Bertman at Alex Box Stadium.

“What a great thing about Skip,” Feinswog said. “I’m so happy for Skip.”

Feinswog also talks Heisman odds as they pertain to LSU quarterback, Joe Burrow.

“Burrow for Heisman could not have been said better than by Ed Orgeron,” Feinswog said. “You have to win it later on.”

Does Feinswog see Burrow bringing home the hardware at the end of the season?

“I mean I’d say no because it’s easier to take the field vs. one guy,” Feinswog said.

Lee’s beer recommendation for the week is Halftime Haze by Tin Roof Brewing.

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