LHSAA Membership has sacrificed the Boys and Girls to the Game

By: Todd Black


The LHSAA Constitution reads: ”To preserve the game for the Boys and Girls and not sacrifice

the Boys and Girls to the game.” Red River 100, General Trass 5; Homer 85, Ringgold 9;

McDonough 35 travels 564 miles round trip to score 11 points and get beat by 55. Humiliating?

What life lessons are taught by this dumpster fire of a playoff system that a majority of public

school principals voted for? It’s the public schools being humiliated; select schools have

nothing to do with it.

The constitution of the LHSAA has been, once again, breached. As reported by Robin

Fambrough on January 25, 2016, the LHSAA’s legal team confirmed the proposal for 2013 was

out of order. The legal team also confirmed the $10,000 outside legal opinion the LHSAA paid

for in 2013 after the proposal was passed also stated the football split was out of order, 8.7.1 &

8.7.4. Both of the Articles breached have to do with classes and divisions. Why is the split

such a tragedy to Louisiana’s student-athlete? The classes and divisions simply do not work.

I can hear it now, if we go to 16 team brackets oppose to 32 that will solve the problem. Both

humiliating losses were in 2A and 1A who have plenty of teams to fill the brackets, so how can

you justify that will solve the problem. I’m assuming you would move select brackets to 16 team

brackets? Why, they haven’t done anything wrong. Their scores are within the norm of past

years, public schools are not.

Until the residents, student-athletes, legislators and superintendents understand the problem

lies within the association itself, nothing will be solved. Ever since this debacle of a split was

passed in 2013, the membership has constantly had to tweak the classes and divisions. Initially

the proposal that was passed asked for 5 classes and 2 divisions. This would have forced

schools with an enrollment of 400 to play schools with an enrollment of 2000. Anybody knows

classifications are important for safety reasons and for principals to pass such a dangerous

proposal should have raised a red flag to everyone. The LHSAA’s Executive Committee, due to

pressure from select principals, came up with a 5/4 solution. In this solution Principals forced

select 3A to compete against select 4A for championships while non select schools remain

untouched. The reality of the LHSAA is student/athletes are being unfairly treated because of

the schools they attend. Requiring a group of kids (select, in this case) to play at a higher level

than another group of kids (non select) who are equals can’t be rationally justified. Now with the

extended split, you ask Class C to play up with Class B on the select side but they are separate

on non select side.

In closing, I interviewed the Denham Springs Lady Jackets a few weeks ago; last season they

lost to now select Mount Carmel in the championship, I asked ‘who would you guys want to play

in the championship?’ Their response “Mount Carmel!” The LHSAA is about the student athlete,

so shouldn’t their opinion matter?