LHSAA Statement Regarding Baseball Playoffs

The LHSAA released an official statement on the baseball playoffs and we have provided it below:

Last night the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) sent out a memo to member-schools concerning the enforcement of rule regarding best two out of three series in the 2nd round of the baseball playoffs. Rule states, “If only one game has been completed due to any reason prior to the Monday after the scheduled end of the series, the series shall be reduced to a single elimination game, and the game that was played shall be the game of record.”

Constitution Article 4.4.6 “constitutes a board of appeals which shall consider complaints or appeals filed on the decision(s) of the Executive Director and interpret the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association.”

Earlier this afternoon the LHSAA notified the ten schools affected that it is of the opinion of the LHSAA’s legal counsel that those schools are not able to appeal the Executive Director’s ruling to the Executive Committee. According to LHSAA Attorney Mark Boyer, “I did not note any discretion on [Mr. Bonine’s] part, nor did I see any factual circumstance that was left to some interpretation that didn’t include the clear meaning of the rules adopted by the LHSAA.” Boyer continued, “Much like our state’s appellate courts, the executive board as an appellate body serves to review decisions made by the executive director in the interpretation and/or implementation of a rule.  The information I have gathered to date sounds more like the schools have issues with a rule and not the enforcement of it.  That would be a legislative/policy making issue.”

The baseball playoff changes, and all bylaws with regard to their implementation, were written and submitted by the Louisiana Baseball Coaches Association and to be voted on by member-school principals on a per-class basis in their respective classification meetings. Class 5A and Class 4A voted it into effect beginning in 2014 and 2015. Meanwhile, both Class 3A and Class 2A overwhelmingly approved the measures this past January to be effective immediately this spring by a combined 51-4 tally.