Louis Coleman recaps LSU’s series vs. EKU

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Former LSU and MLB pitcher Louis Coleman joins Matt in his weekly spot to recap LSU’s series win over EKU. Landon Marceaux stole the show on the mound Saturday in a big spot for the Tigers. What did Coleman see from the sophomore right hander?

“I’m sure he was cruising so good there was a lot of argument about I can go nine,” Coleman said. “He had a great bounce back. Marceaux crushed the critics for a week. He looked good.”

LSU was dominant on the mound, but still struggled on offense. Is it fair to say that this just isn’t a good offensive team?

“I guess that’s easy to say right now. There are some guys who are struggling. There are some guys doing well,” Coleman said.

Have there been any signs of improvement from the team to carry forward?

“I take the Sunday win. They put a few extra runs on the board,” Coleman said. “You look at Henry, he didn’t have his best stuff but he battled, and kept it close.”

LSU could potentially have three to four freshman start up the middle. Coleman talks this possibility.

“Well I think it’s very unique because at LSU you are going to get some of the best freshman in the country every year,” Coleman said. “So because they are so good sometimes they can grow up faster. You have to go with your best nine.”

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