Louis Coleman talks LSU’s 1-2 weekend in Houston

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LSU Baseball dropped 2/3 games in Houston at the Shriner’s Classic this weekend. Former LSU pitcher Louis Coleman joins in his weekly spot to break it all down. Looking at LSU’s offense, are they just trying to figure it out, or are they not very good?

“Figuring things out. They faced some good teams this year,” Coleman said. “They have some good pitching and you can win games with good pitching, while the offense figures it out. Right now they probably feel like every ball they hit hard is right at somebody.”

Coach Mainieri is known for his tinkering. Is that something that the Tigers might consider moving forward only a week and a half out from SEC play?

“Absolutely, and Coach Mainieri is never going to make a decision on a whim,” Coleman said. “He’s going to talk to a bunch of guys about it. Including the players.”

What type of pressure does a struggling offense put on pitching?

“You still have to stay under control, and control what you can control,” Coleman said. “If you try to do too much, it’s going to lead to bad things.”

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