LSU Executive Chef Michael Johnson on cooking for the LSU football team

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Executive Chef for LSU Athletics Michael Johnson joined Jordy and T-Bob to talk about how important his facility is for recruiting.

“Obviously we were fortunate enough to win a Championship this year and the athletes are using our facility as hoped,” Johnson said.

Johnson discussed one of their really successful programs for their seniors, “A Taste of Home.”

“It’s been one of our more successful programs. We reach out to family members of seniors…and get recipes from them and interact with the parents for a little while. It’s us understanding the athletes…us understanding the human beings.”

What are his responsibilities away from the facility when he travels with the team. He interacts with the chefs and the caterers on the road and figures out how to get around all the food obstacles.

“I interact with the caterer on location,” Johnson said. “I learned from it and next year we’ll get better at it.”

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