LSU Football Practice Report (Morning) – August 6

LSU held it’s first workout of Fall Camp Monday morning with a Veterans Practice. This afternoon’s group will consist of Freshmen and select veterans. As we have seen throughout the years, Les Miles will rotate participants; so, do not be surprised if you see Freshmen work with the veterans one day and then working with the afternoon group the next, or vice versa.

As is customary, the Tigers began their workout in helmets only. Shoulder pads will be added later and then full pads.

These observations come from the brief media viewing period during team drills. They should not be considered comprehensive but just a glimpse at the team through my eyes.

QBs and RBs

-We did not get to see the QBs throw to WRs this morning. They began the individual period by working on handoff frills with the RBs. Anthony Jennings took the first reps, but was handing off to Darrell Williams. Brandon Harris went second, but was working with Fournette. Make of that whatever you will.

-At one point, the QBs were working on play fakes, faking a stretch run to the left and rolling right to throw to the fullback. Cam Cameron was barking at Harris a few times on this drill about his footwork. It’s clear that athleticism will never be an issue for Harris, but mastering the technical aspects of the position. I’ll remind you that Cameron rode Zach Mettenberger in a similar way while he was at LSU.

-Fournette and Williams were the only RBs working this morning while Tony Upchurch and John David Moore were the fullbacks.


-We didn’t get to see much from these groups. They did not work drills as a unit so we couldn’t do much more than take roll. Jevonte Domond was at practice this morning.

-The TEs were Dillon Gordon, DeSean Smith and Colin Jeter


-While the media gathered was fixated on the QBs during the first viewing period, that changed when the horn rang to start the second period. From the DL field, Coach O’s voice was unmistakable, yelling at his guys to start their Rip Drill. Most of the media took their cue as well to go watch the DL—and it was encouraging.

-The Rip Drill has the DL weave inside and out of four standing dummied, ripping through each before hitting the “QB” at the end, forcing a fumble. This was the order: Lewis Neal, Tashawn Bower, Christian LaCouture, Davon Godchaux, Isaiah Washington, Marcus Roberts, Quentin Thomas and Arden Key. Yes, Key and Washington were working with the veterans this morning.

-Arden Key is unmistakable! He wears No. 49 and physically looks like Barkevious Mingo. He is listed at 6’6’’ and is every bit of that. He’s still thin, but looks similar to what Mingo did during his final year in Baton Rouge. It’s easy to see why Les Miles thinks he will be an impact pass rusher in his true freshman season.

-LSU also had a special visitor with the nation’s No. 1 player Rashan Gary in attendance watching the DL drills. He is a very large human being.

Gauntlet Drill

-After watching the DL, I went back to the QB field where the specialists were doing the Gauntlet Drill. This is where a receiver starts at the sideline and runs the width of the field catching six passes from each side, five years away. WRs, RBs, TEs, LBs and DBs all did this drill.

-The catch of the day came from DeSean Smith. He fully extended to catch a ball well over his head. It was impressive.

-The most impressive physical specimen on the field was Jamal Adams. When he took his turn at the gauntlet, I asked Jordy Culotta, “Who’s 33?” I thought maybe it was a LB with a duplicate number. Nope, it was Adams. He’s listed at 6’0, 206, but that seems light. He used the summer to get in phenomenal shape and looks the part.

-Two more freshmen, Donte Jackson and Xavier Lewis, were working with the veterans this morning. Jackson is skinny. Very skinny. He reminds me of how thin Rashard Robinson was as a freshman, but that didn’t stop Robinson from playing immediately. Jackson is listed at 168 pounds. I can’t see him doing more than playing CB as a freshman. I’d fear him taking a big hit from a 250 pound SEC linebacker. The good news: he can fly.

-Senior Linebacker Lamar Louis was in a green no-contact jersey. There has been no word from LSU on his injury although I have heard some whispers. I’ll work to get something confirmed and will report it if/when I do.