Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf on his memories of LSU basketball

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Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, formerly Chris Jackson, joined Jordy and T-Bob to reflect on his time at LSU and discuss his jersey being retired on Saturday.

“I’m super excited, I’ve been back to watch some games, but this is a different experience for me,” Abdul-Rauf said.

Abdul-Rauf talks about reflecting back on his time at LSU.

“There’s been some reflections, it’s been close to 30 years since I was at LSU,” Abdul-Rauf. “A lot of the experiences going back thinking about some of the games, the interviews.”

He discussed the two years he spent at LSU.

“They gave me the opportunity to be creative, I met a lot of great people,” Abdul-Rauf said.

Finally, he talked about how the loss of Kobe Bryant affected the basketball world.

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